Do you have older furniture that you want to do something with? Learn tips and advice for restoring or replacing old pieces of furniture.

Choosing A Leather Couch With A Car In The House

29 June 2016
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If you are in the market for a leather sofa and you have cats in your home, then you will want to choose your leather couch as carefully as possible. Before you rush off to your local furniture store, keep reading to learn about some leather couch buying tips.  Opt For Pigmented Leather There are a wide variety of options when it comes to leather furniture, and the type of leather material that makes up the couch is one thing you need to decide on. Read More …

Easy And Breezy: How To Transform Your Porch Into A Cozy Open-Air Parlor Using Secondhand Furniture And Accessories

10 May 2016
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Whether a neighbor drops by for a visit or you just want to relax with a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, there's no better place to sit than a porch. In fact, cares seem to fade away with the creak of a porch swing and a gentle summer wind. If your porch is less than inviting, you may want to consider giving it a makeover. It's easy to turn any porch into an open-air parlor suitable for an afternoon nap or for welcoming unexpected guests for a visit. Read More …

Enhance A Room By Arranging Furniture Using These Four Tips

9 May 2016
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Whether you have not rearranged your furniture in years or you did it last week, moving around furniture in a room provides many benefits. Not only can it offer more life to your flooring by changing up the traffic patterns, but it can also offers you an opportunity to purge some items that need a new home. If you are tempted to move furniture around with no plan, you could be finding yourself changing it very shortly after. Read More …

Five Furniture Finds That You Need In Your Bedroom

4 May 2016
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If you want to turn your current bedroom into something special, you may want to update your furniture with a few new finds. There are some distinctive pieces that not only look great, but that will bring new purpose and utility to your bedroom sanctuary. Talk with furniture retailers about the best pieces to fit your current design style and buying budget. Five things that you want to have in your bedroom are: Read More …

Don’t Keep It All To Yourself: Fun Furniture Finds For Your Office

4 May 2016
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Don't keep all of your stylish, high-end furnishings at home; there are some cool, contemporary pieces that you really must have in your office! Give your office a practical makeover that will enhance productivity stylishly. Give clients, colleagues, and customers a great first impression with some of these office furniture finds: A decadent desk The desk represents the brain-center of an office. It is often the spot where meetings are held and work gets done; do this staple justice by investing in a truly magnificent desk for your office space. Read More …

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