Custom Frame Gift Ideas For The Music Lover In Your Life

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Custom Frame Gift Ideas For The Music Lover In Your Life

26 October 2016
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Is there a music lover in your family? Perhaps you have a dear friend who has an extensive collection of music. The following are a few ideas you can use to create custom frames for their favorite musical works or other gift ideas. These ideas are also awesome if your loved one is a rising star or musical legend. 

Canvas Options

If you know an artist in your area, they can likely create a painted canvas of the artist(s) your loved one is a fan of. Some artists create remarkable canvasses, but many do not offer framing services. The size of original works may fall outside of traditional measurements. For example, if you went to a department store for canvas frame supplies, they will likely have standard sizes. 

Laser Engraved

You can opt for laser engraving on custom frames when you desire designs such as musical notes or stars. It is also a popular option when individuals want words on their custom frames. For example, you could get the musician or band name laser engraved on the frame, or you might want to write a special message on the frame for the gift recipient. Laser engraving is also ideal for documenting memorable dates such as attending a concert. You can put photos, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia in the frame and create a fascinating memory. 

Album Display

Perhaps your loved one has a collection of vinyl albums. They may not listen to them often, but perhaps they refuse to sell them or give them away. Choosing a custom frame solution will allow you to frame the records for them. This is a great way to display and protect a collection. You can even choose to have different albums by the same artist in the same frame. This type of display can be made more intriguing if your loved one has the original sleeves from the album because you will be able to display the cover art along with the albums. Using this type of display idea, you can turn a box or stack of old records into a miniature wall gallery for your loved one. 

Perhaps you have some other ideas for frames, and you may have never seen them in stores. A custom frame shop is a good resource to use to design frames for the music lover in your life. They can take a peek at the items or photos you want to be framed and use the materials you prefer.

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