Creating A Cozy Custom Dining Room Nook

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Creating A Cozy Custom Dining Room Nook

2 December 2021
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Nooks aren't just for eating breakfast. A cozy dining room nook can provide a great space for your family to gather for meals without creating an overly formal look. To achieve the perfect dining room nook, you may need to look for a custom dining room set. With the right elements, the nook can become a center of gatherings for your whole family. Here are three essential pieces you'll need to create your custom dining room nook. 

Upholstered Bench

The cozy factor for your dining room nook comes from the upholstered bench. Typically, this bench sits flush against the wall of your dining room, but it can be customized to work in a room with a full wall of windows as well. A full bench might have a padded seat and a back to the seat, and going with a custom design gives you the freedom to choose the perfect fabric color and texture. You can make a statement by choosing bold upholstery fabric, leaving the table and chairs with a more neutral tone, or you can opt for a subtle, classic style with soft earth tones or pastels. Don't forget to consider throw pillows in coordinating fabrics to complete this plush addition to your dining room set. 

Trestle Table

A trestle table works well in a dining room nook as it provides plenty of room for you and your guests to wiggle your toes or cross your legs during meals. Traditional tables with four legs tend to make it more difficult to get in and out of the seats along the nook's bench. A trestle design also provides stability and ample support for buffet spreads and your best dinnerware sets. Design elements for a trestle table don't have to be boring. Your custom furniture designer can add extra flair with contrasting wood finishes, decorative scrollwork, or other unique features. 

Freestanding Chairs

The freestanding chairs you choose to go along with your dining room nook can set the tone for the design theme in the room. Simple wood chairs with an oak or whitewash finish add some rustic charm to the room, while Parsons chairs with cherry-finished legs and rich fabric upholstery strike a more formal silhouette. You may want to consider having two distinct sets of chairs for your dining room nook if you have extra storage space in your home. A casual set of chairs adds a comfy touch to weeknight meals with the family, while a more formal chair makes a perfect choice for dinner parties. 

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