Choosing A Leather Couch With A Car In The House

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Choosing A Leather Couch With A Car In The House

29 June 2016
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If you are in the market for a leather sofa and you have cats in your home, then you will want to choose your leather couch as carefully as possible. Before you rush off to your local furniture store, keep reading to learn about some leather couch buying tips. 

Opt For Pigmented Leather

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to leather furniture, and the type of leather material that makes up the couch is one thing you need to decide on. While you may want to think about quality and feel, you probably do not want to go for an aniline leather sofa. This type of leather is placed in a large barrel or drum with dye to treat the hide. The dye soaks deep into the leather. Aniline leather is soft and supple, but it does not contain any exterior protection. This means the material can be scratched fairly easily by a cat. 

You will need a more durable type of leather, and a pigmented leather couch is the way to go. Pigmented leather is made by applying an opaque color coating over the hide. The coating gives the leather a bold and consistent color, and it also provides protection against stains and scratches. Pigmented leather is not as soft or textured as aniline leather. However, it will withstand wear and tear. Also, the leather is often buffed down before the pigmented coating is added. This helps to reduce imperfections so the surface is smooth to the touch and comfortable.

Ask About The Seams

If your cat likes to pick at furniture, then he or she may inadvertently open up one of the seams on your leather couch. Leather couches do generally have a lot of seams, just like fabric furniture items. In general, leather couch seams will be more secure if they are both sewn and glued. Ask the furniture store about couch varieties that are sold with glued seams.

A leather couch with glued seams will have the added benefit of being smooth around the edges. This is true, because the back part of the seam where the seam allowance is located will be glued down to the flat part of the leather. This reduces leather bulk and keeps the seams secure even if a small part of the stitching is broken by your cat's claws. 

Choosing the right leather sofa with cats in the home is vital if you want your couch to last a long time. Make sure to look for a pigmented couch as well as one with glued seams. Also, make sure to speak with the furniture store about ways that you can protect the leather from scratches and stains. 

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