3 Tips For Keeping Your Living Room Easy To Clean With The Right Furniture

Do you have older furniture that you want to do something with? Learn tips and advice for restoring or replacing old pieces of furniture.

3 Tips For Keeping Your Living Room Easy To Clean With The Right Furniture

19 July 2016
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Bringing new pieces of furniture into your living room can be a great way to make it more enjoyable to relax in this space and even make it easier to keep clean in the future. If you're interested in ways to make your living room easy to clean—even if you have pets and young children—it's all about choosing the right furniture. Before rushing to a furniture store to make any purchases, you'll want to look into how you can pick out furniture that looks great and is easy to keep clean.

The following materials can all help guide you to choosing everything from a new sofa to an armchair without concerns over keeping them clean.

Try Cotton Blends for How Easy They Are to Machine Wash

The best option for any furniture that has a slipcover which can be removed is cotton blends. The reason for this is simply due to how easy they can be to clean. Cotton blend furniture can often be machine washed in your washing machine, making it easy to remove the covers regularly and clean them when needed. This can be a welcome alternative to washing the slipcovers with spot cleaning.

Opt for Synthetic Leather for Fabric That's Easy to Wipe Clean

When you're looking into getting leather furniture, it's important to note how they can become damaged due to your pet's nails or children roughhousing on the furniture. The higher cost of real leather can also be a real concern. If synthetic leather sounds better suited for you, it can be reassuring to hear how synthetic leather can be easy to keep clean since any spills can be wiped up in just seconds without any chance of staining.

Choose Microfiber for Seating if You're Worried About Spills

If you would rather have some kind of fabric for the seating in your living room, such as for a sofa or an armchair, microfiber can be a great choice. Microfiber fabrics are so easy to clean and are very resistant to stains, making them a smart choice for families. Microfiber also has the benefit of coming in a large selection of colors and patterns, helping you create a personal look that makes your living room feel unique to your home.

Before visiting a furniture store to bring home new living room furniture, it's a good idea to consider the above tips and what you can do to make your living room as easy to clean as possible. Talk to a business like Affordable Business Interiors Pre-Owned Furniture for more help.

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