6 Tips For Decorating Your Space

Do you have older furniture that you want to do something with? Learn tips and advice for restoring or replacing old pieces of furniture.

6 Tips For Decorating Your Space

12 May 2021
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Moving into a new space can be revitalizing, and it can also be intimidating. You have all this new space to work with and to transform into a new space. Here are some tips to help you figure out how to decorate your space.

#1: Use Up That Wall Space

Do not leave your walls blank. Your walls are a big canvas that you are going to want to use. There are lots of ways you can use your wall space. For example, you can hang up a beautiful rug or drapery on your wall. You can hang up pictures and prints. Or you can hang up wall decorations.

#2: Add Some Color to the Floor

Your floor doesn't have to stay the way it is. You can add some color to your floor by purchasing a floor rug. A floor rug will add color and texture to your space. You can also really define your space with a floor rug. For example, putting a floor rug under a couch or a table can help determine the space.

Adding some color to the floor can make the space and the area pop.

#3: Make a Bold Color Wall

Take one way of your home, such as a wall in your living room, and turn it into a bold color wall. First, put up artwork of a variety of different sizes on the wall. Then, mix up some basic black-and-white color pieces and add in a few different, more colorful pieces. A wall full of art pieces is a great way to define a space.

#4: Considering Adding Patterns

Next, you should consider adding some patterns to your space since patterns are back in fashion. For example, you can add a patterned pillow to your couch or add a patterned bedspread to your bedroom. Patterns can be fun to make your space feel more exciting and add some layers and engagement to your space.

#5: Use Tables to Display Collections

Add some wall and end tables to your space. Small decorative tables up against the wall can be a great way to showcase collectibles that you would typically put on a shelf on the wall. Putting your collectibles on the table instead can make your collection more accessible and more visible.

#6: Mix Time Periods Together

When you are decorating your space, it is okay to mix your time periods together. For example, it is okay to mix up antiques and items from different time periods and style periods together. It can be a lot of fun to mix time periods and add some interesting depth to your space.

When it comes to decorating your space, one of the most important things to remember is that you can and should mix colors and textures. Have fun with your space, and use the floors and walls.

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