Desk Chair Mats: The Advantages Of Choosing Glass

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Desk Chair Mats: The Advantages Of Choosing Glass

29 June 2022
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Commercial and home office users rely on desk mats to prevent damage to the floor beneath the office chair. The scuffing of feet and scraping of the wheels from a standard office chair can cause wear to any underlying surface material. A solid mat maintains the appearance and condition of the flooring. Glass mats offer an attractive and reliable solution for this concern.

Keep People Safe

Employers should always choose products that protect workers. Glass chair mats meet safety standards in a workplace because they never curl or buckle. The always-flat surface means they will never become a tripping hazard or cause office chairs to tip. 

Improve Office Appearance

Glass floor mats have an upgraded and professional appearance. The transparent panels allow the beauty of the floor beneath to show through. The protective mat also maintains its appearance over the years and will not turn yellow or cloudy.

The only concern with glass is the risk of scratches from a pebble tracked in on shoes. Glass mats are scratch-resistant but not scratchproof. Regular cleaning will prevent any damage.

Invest in Durability

Glass can seem fragile, but mats use tempered glass, a product made by heating glass. After the tempering process, the glass gains strength, allowing it to withstand the weight of people walking on the material. Consumers can buy with confidence by checking the weight limits provided by retailers.

An additional benefit of tempered glass is its ability to withstand heat. The heat resistance means it will not become damaged from exposure to sunlight if placed near a window.

Hold in Place

A glass mat may seem likely to slide, but that is unlikely. The convenient mats have rubber bumpers that keep them in place and do not dig into flooring. Owners who choose not to use the bumpers can opt for simple methods of securing the mat to the surface. Felt rug pads or gripper pads are widely available and easy to use. 

Clean With Ease

Maintain glass desk mats with basic glass cleaner. Regular cleaning keeps the mats looking their best and helps keep the surface safe. Many frequently used products could collect on the mats and make them slippery. Specifically, perfume, air fresheners, and other spray products cause the most potential risk.

Glass desk mats look great in any work environment and have the durability to withstand the traffic from a busy office. The durability makes them cost-effective, and the ease of care means they can look great for years. The modern-looking accessories are an effortless way to update any office and are a reliable replacement for plastic chair mats.

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