Multifunctional And Modified Bedroom Furnishings

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Multifunctional And Modified Bedroom Furnishings

22 December 2020
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If your new apartment has a relatively small bedroom and you are certain that a full-sized bedroom suite will take up most of the space in the room and leave little room for walking, purchase some multifunctional or modified furnishings. A platform bed, a floating nightstand, and modular storage cubes are some additions that will assist with making the most of the space.

A Platform Bed With Drawer Space

A platform bed contains a raised base and may have storage drawers built into its design. The drawers will supply space for clothing, outerwear, socks, and underwear. If your bedroom contains a closet, store all of the garments that you are currently wearing for the time of the year inside of it. Reserve the bed storage space for heavy garments and items that you own multiples of that will take up too much room in the closet.

Choose the material that you would like all of your bedroom furnishings to be constructed of. Even though you may forego choosing a queen or king-sized frame, you can still find a beautiful single or double bed that contains ornate trim or clean lines.

Pick a bed that contains drawer space on each side of the frame. Since the bed will be the largest piece of furniture that will be added to your bedroom, purchase it first and set it up inside of the room to determine how much space is left for other furnishings.

Wall Storage

A floating nightstand and a series of modular cubes will help you maintain walking room on the floor, without compromising the amount of space necessary for small possessions. The difference between a floating nightstand and standard model is that a floating nightstand lacks a base. This type of stand is designed to be secured directly to a wall, in the same way that a floating shelf would be secured.

Shop for a nightstand style that is constructed of a similar material as your bed, and look at the amount of drawer space and the overall surface area of the top to help locate a stand that is large enough for the items you would like to keep alongside your bed.

Modular cubes act like shelving units, but may extend outward a little more. Books, collectibles, and everyday essentials can be stored inside of or on top of the cubes. Line the cubes up or install them along random parts of one of the walls. 

For more information on bedroom furniture, contact a local furniture store.

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