Don't Keep It All To Yourself: Fun Furniture Finds For Your Office

Do you have older furniture that you want to do something with? Learn tips and advice for restoring or replacing old pieces of furniture.

Don't Keep It All To Yourself: Fun Furniture Finds For Your Office

4 May 2016
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Don't keep all of your stylish, high-end furnishings at home; there are some cool, contemporary pieces that you really must have in your office! Give your office a practical makeover that will enhance productivity stylishly. Give clients, colleagues, and customers a great first impression with some of these office furniture finds:

A decadent desk

The desk represents the brain-center of an office. It is often the spot where meetings are held and work gets done; do this staple justice by investing in a truly magnificent desk for your office space. Consider how big your room is, and check out ornate wooden desks as well as sleek industrial styles.

A comfy and charismatic chair

A comfy chair provides the perfect place to sit and read, work, or meet with staff, while also serving as a respite during a hectic workday. Instead of choosing something basic or mundane to add to your office, consider a chair with style and charisma- like you! Go for something in a bold color or unconventional shape, but be sure that it is comfortable before bringing it in.

A fun faux hearth

Create a warm, inviting office atmosphere by constructing a hearth. All that you need is a patch of bare wall, even under a window will work, and mount a mantle under the bottom sill or at waist-height along an interior wall. Add a fireplace screen and a few tools to give it a true fireplace look; add a half-circle rug in front of the hearth to replicate the brickwork often seen on a genuine fireplace.

Plenty of storage

You will need plenty of storage in your office, but why settle for boring file cabinets? Invest in a lovely wooden armoire or tall chesterfield to bring a vintage air to your office. Consider propping a smaller jewelry armoire near your desk to hold small office supplies, like paper clips or pens.

The right light

Likely, your office has some sort of fluorescent ambient lighting fixture in the space. Warm things up with a couple of pendant lamps or cool fixtures for task lights for when you are working on projects or reading. Invest in funky, vintage globes to bring some style and mood lighting to the room.

Bring some fun and function to your office with these cool furniture finds. Talk with retailers or visit sites that offer high-end office items (like Alexander Brothers Ltd), or that deal with vintage or consigned furniture. Add something new to your office and show some style while contributing something functional to the space. 

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