Getting The Most Out Of Your Memory Foam Mattress

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Memory Foam Mattress

29 April 2016
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Memory foam mattresses have all but taken over the traditional pillow top, but not all mattresses are alike, even if they're made from the same material. While these innovative mattresses can help you get a restful night's sleep, it is important to choose the right memory foam for you needs and to be sure you're maintaining it the right way for a longer life span. Here is some advice on how you can be sure you're getting the most out of your investment.  


Memory foam comes in several different densities, and each is designed to support a variety of body weights. The less dense the mattress, the greater the odds are that it will begin to sag and dip well before its time. A higher grade density of around 5.3 pounds per cubic foot will provide you with good support while lasting a lot longer than a lower density mattress of about 2 to 3 pounds per cubic foot. This density rating means that each cubic foot of the mattress weighs the number of pounds the density rating states. The higher the density, the firmer the mattress.

Keeping Cool

Most peoples' body temperature increases while they sleep, and this can cause discomfort and restlessness. Memory foam reacts to body temperature, causing the mattress to soften and conform to your body when it heats up. While this is a positive thing in terms of support, it can also cause you to feel overheated at night. Look for memory foam mattresses that contain a special layer of cooling gel. This gel is designed to help keep your body cool without affecting the comfort of your mattress.


Since memory foam is a rather durable material, your mattress should last for many years. It is always a good idea to purchase a good quality mattress cover to prevent stains and protect the surface. Thanks to its high density, memory foam does not typically suffer the problem of attracting allergens and dust mites like many standard mattresses do, but a cover can also help keep those things at bay. Most memory foam mattress cannot be flipped over, but rotating your mattress 180-degrees every few months will ensure even weight distribution and help prolong its life. Be sure the mattress is laid on top of a good quality box spring that is raised off the floor for good air flow. This can help keep your mattress cool and provide you with a great night of sleep every single time. 

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