Choosing A New Stand-Up Desk For Your Work Area

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Choosing A New Stand-Up Desk For Your Work Area

30 April 2021
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Your choice of a desk can be an important factor for determining your overall comfort level while at work along with your level of productivity. Standing desks are a relatively recent trend, and you may have heard some misinformation about this particular option.

Myth: You Will Never Be Able To Sit At Your Standing Desk

Due to its name, a person can easily assume that it will essentially be impossible for them to ever sit at their standing desk. In reality, many standing desks are designed to be adjustable. This can be useful for those that have long shifts where they may want to alternate between sitting and standing. To make raising and lowering the desk as easy as possible, many of these systems will use springs to reduce the amount of force that you must exert to lift it while still being easy to lower. If you decide to get an adjustable standing desk, reviewing the instructions to ensure you know how to securely lock the standing desk in place is essential. Otherwise, you may accidentally leave it vulnerable to collapse.

Myth: A Standing Desk Will Have A Small Work Area

Depending on the type of work that you do, it can be extremely useful to have a large surface area where you can keep books, papers, and other documents that you may need. Furthermore, if you need a computer as part of your working area, you will need enough space to allow for the monitors to be placed. Fortunately, standing desks will come in a number of different sizes, and this can make it easy for a person to choose the one that will give them enough space to manage their work. When considering the size of your desk, you should be mindful of the weight of the items that you will want to put on it. This is particularly important for adjustable standing desks as you will want to avoid loading them with items that are too heavy.

Myth: Standing Desks Are Less Attractive Than Conventional Desks

The aesthetics of your work area can be important for maintaining and presenting a professional appearance. However, a person could easily avoid choosing to use standing desks if they are under the assumption that they will always be far less attractive than conventional desks. In reality, standing desks can come in designs that range from classic to modern and even retro. This makes it possible to find a standing desk that will match your interior decor regardless of the design or color scheme that you have chosen.

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