3 Ways To Keep Your Murphy Bed Looking Great

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3 Ways To Keep Your Murphy Bed Looking Great

10 November 2020
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Murphy beds are excellent options for any homeowner or apartment dweller who is short on space. Since they fold up into the wall, a murphy bed creates more space, while making the entire area more flexible. However, since they are stored vertically and folded, murphy beds can look disheveled if you aren't careful. Here are three ways to keep your murphy bed looking great. 

1. Close and Open Carefully 

While most homeowners handle furniture carefully at first, it is easy to become lackadaisical as time goes on. When you close or open your murphy bed, make sure to do so carefully, as quick shoves or accidental slams could damage the springs and structure of the bed. To keep your bed in great condition, have a designated person in your family who is in charge of opening or closing the bed, so you can prevent people who might be new to the process from handling the bed the wrong way. 

2. Use Wrinkle-Free Bedding

Only use wrinkle-free bedding for your murphy bed, especially if your individual murphy bed has a very tight storage cabinet. The surrounding structure can wrinkle the sheets and comforters, which can cause problems if you aren't careful. By using wrinkle-free bedding, your murphy bed will look clean and new every time you open it, instead of a wrinkled mess. Keep in mind that higher-loft comforters may add bulk to the top and sides of the bed, so try to select thinner profile linens or blankets instead. 

3. Avoid Eating or Drinking On the Bed

When your bed is down for the day, it might be treated as a supplemental relaxation space. Some people choose to sit on their bed to eat or relax, which can allow crumbs and spills to collect on or around the murphy bed. Food grime can make your bed unappealing and may attract pests and animals that could harm the structure. Avoid eating and drinking on the bed at all costs, and keep beverages and other liquids that could stain easily far away from linens.  

Remember, anytime your murphy bed doesn't seem to be in great condition, you can always reach out to the furniture store where you purchased it to see if they offer repair services. Beds may also carry a warranty that can be exercised, so don't be afraid to let furniture professionals know if you have any questions at all. 

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