Decorating A Bedroom? 3 Reasons To Spring For Antique Furniture

Do you have older furniture that you want to do something with? Learn tips and advice for restoring or replacing old pieces of furniture.

Decorating A Bedroom? 3 Reasons To Spring For Antique Furniture

21 October 2020
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Bedrooms are the place where you can rest and relax at the end of the day, which is why many people invest a lot of time and money into these spaces. However, when you start replacing furniture, you may wonder whether you should buy a new bed at your nearest furniture store, or head to the antique shop. Here are three reasons you should spring for antique furniture. 

1. Infuse Your Space With Character

Oftentimes, modern furniture manufactured in factories has a tendency to look very similar to other items. You may struggle to find a piece that offers the look and feel you are going for when the fact of the matter is that anything you find today is probably being manufactured on a large scale. 

Fortunately, by buying an antique bed, chair, or dresser, you can add loads of interest and appeal to your space. Antique bedroom furniture created decades or even centuries ago may have ornate detailing, interesting themes, or custom finishes, which can bring loads of color, texture, and interest into your home.  

2. Don't Worry As Much About Incidental Damage

While you may worry about dings and scratches to brand new furniture items, older furniture has the patina of time. Many pieces that have been loved over the years already have lots of scratches or other areas where damage has occurred, so you don't need to worry about stubbing your toe, creating a little stain on used upholstery, or creating a wear pattern. Instead, any new damage will blend right in, and may even lend to a more interesting, beautiful appearance. 

3. Protect The Environment

When you buy brand new furniture, you are supporting a company that will continue to create new pieces. While bolstering the economy is always a good idea, this also means older items will go straight to the landfill, which can complicate environmental concerns. 

However, when you invest in an antique piece of furniture for your bedroom, you can keep old items from going to the landfill, which can help to protect the environment. As an added bonus, shopping secondhand also lowers carbon footprints, since new items won't be shipped to retailers and then to your home. 

When you want new furniture, think carefully about what you want, and don't be afraid to search out something really special. By taking your time and searching for great antiques, you are sure to create a special space you can be proud of. 

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