Five Tips For Choosing Reception Area Seating

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Five Tips For Choosing Reception Area Seating

21 August 2020
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Your reception waiting area needs to convey the professional image of your company while providing a comfortable landing spot for clients when they first enter your business. The office furniture you choose for this space is very important.

1. Choose Comfortable Seating

Although reception area seating must be utilitarian, that is no reason to forego comfort. Your waiting area is the first impression of your business for your clients, so provide comfortable seating. Skip hard wooden chairs or uncomfortable molded plastic. Instead, choose furniture with some cushion, as well as back support and armrests.

2. Avoid Hard to Clean Surfaces

All too often, hard plastic seating is chosen because it seems easy to clean, but there are plenty of other options. In a more formal office, opt for leather. It is durable and wipes clean easily. Vinyl and other leather-like fabrics are cost-effective alternatives. Upholstered furniture can also be a good option; just make sure it is treated upholstery so that it won't absorb soil or stains. There are special fabrics and treatments available that make upholstered furniture easy to clean.

3. Patterns Are Better Than Solids

If you opt for upholstered furniture, then choose a patterned design in darker colors. Light tans and grays will definitely begin to show wear and stains ahead of darker colors. Patterns further hide stains, especially if the pattern features two or more darker colors. Having multiple colors in the pattern also provides more inspiration for flooring and wall color choices since more options will coordinate with the furniture.

4. Flimsy Is a Bad Idea

When testing out furniture, opt for heavier designs. Lightweight may seem like a good idea at first because it is easier to move and clean underneath. Unfortunately, it won't stand up to the heavy use in your reception area. Select furniture that can hold weight so that it is suitable for clients of all sizes. Further, heavier furniture is more stable, which is necessary if your office services an elderly or mobility-impaired clientele.

5. Coordinate All the Elements

Your reception waiting area will simply look nicer if everything coordinates. This means choosing the same style and colors of chairs and coordinating these with the walls, carpeting, and artwork. If there are side tables in this space, they, too, must coordinate. For example, if your chairs are blond wood and muted pastel upholstery, opt for side tables made from similar wood and avoid those painted in bright colors.

Contact an office seating supplier for more help.

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