5 Flooring Design Trends To Try Next

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5 Flooring Design Trends To Try Next

10 June 2020
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Flooring trends change through the years as home trends in general change. Homeowners' preferences evolve, which drives the design of every aspect of housing. While some preferences relate to utility, such as durability and maintenance, many naturally focus on aesthetics. That focus is often the case with flooring design.

Below are some flooring design trends to try if you need a new floor.

1. Reclaimed Wood

Hardwood floors are not new. In fact, a current trend in flooring design focuses on old wood. Reclamation shops sell wood that's been harvested from old buildings, such as schools and factories, about to be demolished. Your flooring designer can purchase this reclaimed wood. The result is a new floor with a charming old patina. You also get the benefit of upcycling old material.

2. Vintage Tile Work

Tile is another flooring material builders have used for generations. In previous decades, they used tiny hexagonal tiles or those with clear graphics for the floor. These black-and-white tile installations offer a creative foundation for any room. The vintage flooring works well with a simple, bold palette in any style of home. Consider such flooring for single-room installations.

3. Oversized Tile Patterns

Previous flooring trends saw builders use tiles in the same color for the whole flooring. They saved patterned tiles for walls. Now, not only do designers designate the floor for patterned tile, they're taking advantage of all the space. Your floor can represent a blank canvas that they fill up with tiles that create oversized graphic patterns, which is ideal for a modern-style home.

3. Parquet Flooring

Another method for filling your floor up with pattern is to have parquet flooring installed. Contractors use thin strips of wood to layout intricate patterns. Modern parquet floors consist of tiles already laid with the target pattern. The tiles then create larger patterns on your floor. Indeed these complex patterns are an advantage for this flooring style.

4. Mixed Media

Contemporary homes often feature open floor plans, so designers look for ways to delineate spaces. One method is with the flooring. Because you don't have walls to conveniently delineate where one flooring style ends and the other begins, they get creative. You see transitions such as geometric tile gradually fading into hardwood flooring. The installation will be pricey, but the end result is stunning.

Your floor will serve as the foundation for your entire room's design. Talk to flooring design professionals like those at DeGeorge Room Improvement about the above trends to discover if one can work within your home's configuration.

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