Visual Themes To Expect When You Shop For Lodge Dining Room Furniture

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Visual Themes To Expect When You Shop For Lodge Dining Room Furniture

19 September 2019
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If you've just bought a cottage, one of your first priorities will be to outfit it with furniture that you and your family can use when you visit. While there are many different types of furniture that you can use, it can be fun to shop for items that feel appropriate based on the location of the cottage. If your cottage is in a rural area, lodge-style furniture might be a good choice. You can buy lodge furniture for your cottage's bedrooms, living room, and dining room. Where the dining room furniture is concerned, here are some visual themes that you'll come across when you look at lodge furniture.

Rustic Finish

One common visual theme that you'll find in different styles of lodge dining room furniture is a rustic finish. Generally, these aren't pieces of furniture with intricate carvings and fine details. Instead, they make use of thick pieces of wood that have a relatively simple appearance. Some lodge furniture is stained, but many pieces are left unfinished, allowing the wood itself to be the focus. This look can be perfect if you want to keep the interior of your new cottage looking rustic. This is an approach that many cottage owners take, as it can be fun to visit a dwelling in which you feel immersed in nature.

Natural Images

There are plenty of lodge-style pieces of furniture that have natural images on them. For example, the chairs of your dining room set might have a design that includes some deer feeding by a creek, a wolf howling at the moon, or perhaps a jagged mountain range. This natural look might not be something that you want in your main home, but can be a good complement to a cottage. This can especially be true if you plan to hang art on the walls with these types of natural images.

Minimal Padding

Some dining room sets are highly comfortable, with chairs that have thick pads on their seats. While it's not impossible to find a lodge-style set that has this feature, you'll often find that this type of furniture has minimal padding. A simple wood design pays more tribute to the past, and you may be surprised at just how comfortable some of these chairs can be even without seat pads. Even if a chair lacks the comfort of your dining room set at home, it shouldn't be a concern. After all, you may want to eat quickly at the cottage and get back to whatever fun outdoor activities are on the agenda for the day.

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