Easy And Breezy: How To Transform Your Porch Into A Cozy Open-Air Parlor Using Secondhand Furniture And Accessories

Do you have older furniture that you want to do something with? Learn tips and advice for restoring or replacing old pieces of furniture.

Easy And Breezy: How To Transform Your Porch Into A Cozy Open-Air Parlor Using Secondhand Furniture And Accessories

10 May 2016
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Whether a neighbor drops by for a visit or you just want to relax with a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, there's no better place to sit than a porch. In fact, cares seem to fade away with the creak of a porch swing and a gentle summer wind.

If your porch is less than inviting, you may want to consider giving it a makeover. It's easy to turn any porch into an open-air parlor suitable for an afternoon nap or for welcoming unexpected guests for a visit. And it won't cost you a fortune when you turn to secondhand furniture and accessories to create your outdoor parlor.

No matching necessary

The great thing about outdoor living is that anything goes. Choose furniture and decorative items in a mix of styles and finishes to create an eclectic feel. Worn and weathered furnishings and décor are cozy and welcoming.

You may have memories of your grandparent's porch where nothing matched and furnishings were well-worn. That is the look you want to create. When it comes to porch living, it's all about the lived-in look.

Must-have furnishings

Every porch needs rocking chairs. Shop your used furniture dealer for a pair of classic rocking chairs. Chips in the paint and imperfections are welcome flaws. Look for an old metal glider and at least one lounge chair. Wicker is always a good choice.

If you have enough room, consider purchasing a vintage kitchen cabinet or an old side table to use as a small porch bar. Make sure the cabinet has drawers for storing cocktail-making supplies. An old sink can also be used as a bar. Place a small removable tabletop across the sink for preparing drinks, and fill the sink with ice for keeping beverages cold.

A squeaky porch swing makes a perfect place for reading or cuddling with the kids or pets. For an extra charming look, use an Adirondack-style swing with bucket seats.

A used coffee table can be placed in front of the porch swing for holding food and beverages. It can also be a great place to play a board game or work on a craft.

Cozy additions

Shop discount stores and yard sales for old quilts and pillows to decorate your lounge chairs or rockers. Material that appears worn and faded is best for creating a welcoming and comfortable look.

Look for a few ceramic pots for planting Boston ferns or for displaying magazines for lazy summer-afternoon reading. Look for unique wind chimes to add a little nostalgia to your open-air parlor.

Outdoor decorating is easy as a breeze when you enlist the help of secondhand furniture and accessories to turn your porch into an open-air parlor. Whether you're relaxing alone or visiting with guests, a cozy porch is the place where memories are made and life seems simpler.

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