Enhance A Room By Arranging Furniture Using These Four Tips

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Enhance A Room By Arranging Furniture Using These Four Tips

9 May 2016
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Whether you have not rearranged your furniture in years or you did it last week, moving around furniture in a room provides many benefits. Not only can it offer more life to your flooring by changing up the traffic patterns, but it can also offers you an opportunity to purge some items that need a new home. If you are tempted to move furniture around with no plan, you could be finding yourself changing it very shortly after. The right furniture arrangement can open up the space, making the room appear bigger. It can also allow you to clean spaces underneath heavy furniture that has not been moved in a while. In an effort to ensure your arrangement offers you the most benefits, here are four tips to consider. 

Choose a Focal Point

When rearranging furniture in a room, you want to first decide on a focal point. This will help you determine how all the furniture will lie around the room. For many rooms, a focal point will be a window, a fireplace, or even a TV. By having a focal point, it will help draw attention to that point of the room. Otherwise, the room can look disorganized and messy. To better decide what the focal point will be you want to determine the purpose of the room. For a living room, you may want to have the TV as a focal point, whereas a bedroom can have a bed as a focal point. 

Measure Out the Space

In order to save yourself some time and a headache, it is a good idea to measure out parts of the room before you start arranging furniture. For smaller rooms, you will have to get creative if you want to change up the entire look of the room. It is always a good idea to avoid placing furniture along the perimeter of the room, but in some cases you cannot help it. If you have to place the bed along the wall to open up the closet door, then you can place smaller pieces in the center of the room to help the flow. 

Think More Practical

While some furniture pieces may look great in a room, you do not want to add them if they are not practical. For example, a chair that is not comfortable only adds clutter to the room if it cannot be used. Avoid furniture pieces that are not going to be used. If you have some end tables, then you want to place them in a spot where they are used, like beside a couch or bed. 

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is an easy way to mess up the design of a room. In an effort to avoid cluttering up a room, you want to keep shelving organized and tables clear. A few things sitting on the coffee table can help add to the decor, but you do not want to fill it up with a bunch of stuff. Instead, try placing only a few decorations around without filling the entire room up. 

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