Five Furniture Finds That You Need In Your Bedroom

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Five Furniture Finds That You Need In Your Bedroom

4 May 2016
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If you want to turn your current bedroom into something special, you may want to update your furniture with a few new finds. There are some distinctive pieces that not only look great, but that will bring new purpose and utility to your bedroom sanctuary. Talk with furniture retailers about the best pieces to fit your current design style and buying budget.

Five things that you want to have in your bedroom are:

1.A sophisticated dressing screen 

For a fabulous bedroom, consider investing in a dramatic dressing screen. There are many styles, and you may find vintage styles at furniture consignment stores. Use this screen to separate the bedroom and create a cozy nook for reading, working, or changing clothes.

2.A super-comfy chair

Be sure that you have at least one truly comfortable place to sit in your bedroom. This will soon become your favorite spot to sit and read, play on the computer, or relax after a long day. Check out funky retro style furniture, including vintage upholstered chairs that will give your bedroom character.

3.A sleek rolling laptop table

If you often work on your computer in your bedroom, you will want to buy a cool and convenient laptop tale, especially styles that featured rolling caster wheels on the legs. These have so many uses in a bedroom beyond a computer, however, including a great place to set your coffee and newspaper in the morning.

4.A charming chaise

There is something alluring about a romantic chaise, and these are ideal for the bedroom. These extended chairs offer a super comfortable spot to lounge, but also have plenty of room for snuggling kids or pets, too. Consider using one behind your dressing screen for the perfect place to dress and try on apparel.

5.A gorgeous headboard

A headboard gives the bed a polished look, and many styles offer storage for your overflow of belongings in the bedroom. If you don't think you have room in your current configuration for an ornate headboard, consider an adhesive cling that replicates the look of a fancy headboard, but that conserves space and sticks to the wall. Another benefit of these temporary headboards is that you can change the look of your bed with ease, simply be removing the current cling and replacing it as you wish.

Visit sites and retailers to find distinctive furnishings to outfit your bedroom, and to turn it into something special. Create your own space and carve out a comfy nook for reading and reflecting with the right pieces of furniture. 

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