How To Increase The Breathability Of Your Memory Foam Mattress

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How To Increase The Breathability Of Your Memory Foam Mattress

3 May 2016
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Memory foam mattresses are almost universally considered to be more comfortable than other options -- but, like latex mattresses, they also tend to be slightly less "breathable" than traditional beds. Breathability can have a significant impact on comfort during the hot and sticky summer months or in locations that are humid all year round -- but there are some ways you can mitigate the problem.

Get a Down Mattress Pad

You've probably seen cheap mattresses revitalized through the use of a simple memory foam mattress pad. Well, memory foam mattresses can benefit from padding, as well. A soft down mattress pad will not only add to your comfort, but will also put a barrier between you and the foam. Down-filled mattress pads still retain heat, but they transfer it to your body at a much lower rate than foam, leading to a more comfortable experience.

Use Natural Sheets

Bamboo and cotton sheets will wick sweat away from you during the hot summer months, making you feel cooler and more refreshed. Polyester sheets and microfiber will both retain heat -- they're better for the cold months than the warmer ones. Natural sheets are generally considered to be better for your skin than synthetic sheets and will usually feel much softer, especially after multiple washes.

Purchase a Pillow-Top

Memory foam mattresses come in pillow-top forms too, especially for those who really like their mattresses to be soft. If you don't want to invest in down mattress toppers, you can consider just purchasing a pillow-top mattress right out of the gate. It will offer all of the benefits of a mattress topper in addition to requiring less maintenance in terms of regular washing.

Air Out Your Mattress

A memory foam mattress is quite dense, and it may absorb moisture in humid areas. It's a good idea to strip your mattress entirely at least once a week and allow it to air out, without any bedding on it. Keeping your bedding on all the time will just create a musty, moist environment that could potentially attract pests -- and this is true even with traditional mattresses.

For more tips, you can talk with a professional, like Surroundings Fine Consignments For Your Home, for more information. With the above solutions in hand, you can enjoy the comfort of a memory foam mattress without having to worry about sticking to the sheets. And come the winter months, you may find yourself more than happy that memory foam is able to retain your body heat.

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