3 Features You Should Look For In A Big Green Egg Table

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3 Features You Should Look For In A Big Green Egg Table

29 April 2016
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The Big Green Egg is a useful cooking appliance, but you need more than just an appliance to prepare a meal. After all, without a table, your Big Green Egg will roll around, mixing ashes with food. If you don't yet have a table, here are three features to look for as you shop for a Big Green Egg table.

2 Large Food-Prep Surfaces

First, your Big Green Egg table should have two food-prep surfaces for you to get food ready on. Ideally, these two surfaces should be on each side of the hole that your Big Green Egg will go in. This will let you prepare raw food on one side of the egg and place cooked food on the other, thus reducing the risk of cross-contamination between raw and cooked foods.

Additionally, both food-prep surfaces should be large, at least as big as the Big Green Egg's cooking surface. You'll want enough room to prep all of the food that you'll be cooking on the egg. 

Hooks and Shelves for Utensils and Dishes

Your table should have several hooks and shelves so you can conveniently store the utensils you'll use while cooking. Your table should have at least three hooks for a brush, spatula, and tongs. It should also have at least a couple shelves for you to store dishes when they aren't in use. Having an extra cutting board and mixing bowl below your work surface will make food prep easier.

Concealed Storage for Charcoal

The Big Green Egg uses charcoal -- and some large models use a lot of it. Getting a table that has a concealed storage place that's large enough for a bag of charcoal will give you a place to conveniently store your charcoal without creating an eyesore. Whenever you need the charcoal, take it out, use what you need and put it back in the concealed area. You'll be able to do all this without leaving your egg, and your guests won't be distracted from the beauty of your egg and table by an unsightly bag.

You'll likely have the Big Green Egg table you choose for many years. The egg, after all, is designed to last for a long time. Make sure you'll be happy with your table by getting one that has these three features. Food prep surfaces, hooks and shelves and concealed storage will make cooking with your egg easy and fun. Contact a local outlet, such as Lakeview Woodcrafting, for further assistance.

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